Tied Tits

Bella’s tits are tied in tight bondage!

Bella's fucking amazing tits!

Bella Rossi has the most amazing tits in the world. So, I decided to tie tits, poke them, suction them, squeeze them a bit & have her dependent on them for her orgasms. You have a lot of fun teasing the fuck out of her.

Posted on : Jan 27 2010
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Bound Asian Slave.

asian slave

She has a spectacular body and tits and we couldn’t wait to tie it up. We bound her into the chair, gagged and have started to humiliate. Asian slavegirl tried to struggle, but at it nothing turned out. Let the magic wand have its way with her as we watched her cum.

Posted on : Jan 25 2010
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Tied Tits Tormented.

Tied Tits Tormented

Tied Tits Tormented

Trina Michaels is tied strong. Tongue tied to crotch is a wonderful way to start a extreme bondage session. Once tied down & analy loaded with a huge fuckingmachine dildo, all bets are off & the fun really begins. Tied Tits to arms to toes & waxed is how she is tormented as well as a tight hogtie with ass hook…

Posted on : Jan 19 2010
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Helpless Skylar submitted to my ropes…

tied tits picture

Skylar comes to realize just how helpless she really is. Made to endure clips & clamps on her tightly tied tits and tender nipples, she is suspended and yanked open with ass hooks & huge dildos.

Posted on : Jan 18 2010
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Big Titted Lacey Jane tied and gagged.

blonde tied in bondage

breast bondage

Lacey’s tits are big, beautiful & tough. Today she  proves it with clamps, ropes,  clips & weights and suction. Hard fucked & tormented in numerous tight bondage positions, Lacey screams her head off with orgasm after orgasm… Watch it now!

Posted on : Jan 15 2010
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Beautiful Krissy has been enlisted as his real estate agent…

Krissy bound and gagged

Krissy becomes a victim of a deceit. It was taken prisoner to the drunk client and now it has no place to run. The old man scoffs above it, humiliates and offends. It tied her fine tits by ropes. What will be later?

Posted on : Jan 13 2010
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Jayden Cole bound and cumming.

tied tits

Slave Jayden Cole has an incredible body and she’s the Penthouse Pet for December 2009. We were dumbfounded when we saw her bare body in the flesh. We then began to tied her breast tightly and once we were satisfied she was immobile, we set the vibe loose on her pussy. Perfect Slave wait for you!

Posted on : Jan 10 2010
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Dahlia Toy gets tied in bondage.

asian in bondage

Dahlia is a real amateur slave in bondage. She has never done any bdsm porn of any sort before & has never been tied either. She has a beautiful tight body and her orgasms get stronger & stronger. Watch as she joins us on the Couch for her audition to be a bondage model.

Posted on : Jan 04 2010
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Young slave tied and gagged.

perfect slave tied and gagged

Lovely Leah’s time has come… Then we bounded her hands and legs, and gagged. The slave worries, girl terribly and coldly, she does not know that will be further. You wish to learn, what will be further? Press and watch!

Posted on : Jan 03 2010
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Redhead mistress punishes the slave.

redhead mistress

We finally have April O’Neil on Strict Restraint! Tattooed mistress has decided to punish the slave very severely. Mistress tied the unfortunate girl leather belts, pinched nipples, gagged and fucked by rubber strapon!

Posted on : Jan 01 2010
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